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Real Estate Listings

Videography has had its place in the Real Estate industry for decades, but it's now more readily available and affordable than ever!

Using video to show off your listings not only has been shown to sell houses faster for your clients, but also sets you apart from realtors that aren't utilizing video production.

With quick turnaround time, and video hosting for MLS compliance, it can't get any more convenient.

Social Media and Brand Growth

If you've been in the Real Estate industry for some time, then you've seen how competitive and saturated it is.  I'd also bet if you think of the top realtors in your area, most of them are doing some sort of marketing or branding content.

Branding yourself with high quality video is a great way to stand out, and there's multiple ways to do it!

One way is to simply do a walk-through video tour of your listings, rather than the generic photos with music.  Even easier, just do a voice over with a short introduction in the video.

Another effective way is to create a community around a subject or area you're passionate about, and be the "star" in that video series.

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